All sales are final.

Yoomna’s Boutique does not offer Exchanges, Returns or Refunds of any kind on any items for sale in our stores.

  • Inspect all details:Please inspect all items carefully before purchasing them. Many clothing items that we carry are handmade and have imperfections that might appear to be defects — these are not to be considered defects and are features of the manufacturing process.
  • Colors:Garments might lose their color if not washed properly. Care for the garment’s quality is the customer’s responsibility.
  • Sizes:No exchanges or returns are allowed for size differences.
Why no returns, you may ask?

Because you do not want to wear clothes someone else wore, even if it was just once.

We do not want to sell you clothes that someone else wore.

The garments we carry are manufactured all over Pakistan and India, and sold locally in the U.S. for the convenience of our customers. It is not possible for us to process returns with local designers in Pakistan and India, as the management and shipping costs are prohibitive. We would have to pass these costs on to our customers. Instead, we ask you to make sure you’re buying a product you’re going to keep and use.

Once again, all sales and deposits are final.


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